Curls may have recently been declared as “back in style,” but advanced DevaCurl stylist Sara Vander Ploeg knew they were never out. Sara comes to TC2 via the 42nd Street Salon, where she spent five years perfecting her curly craft. After studying at the James International College in Iowa City, Sara went on to finish her training in Italy, where she was able to soak up the aesthetics of the city, as well as take in weekly fashion shows. Her penchant for runway-worthy hair and makeup led her to LA, where she was trained in hair and makeup for TV. She finds joy in the challenge of adapting Hollywood looks for the wearable, everyday. Her passion is curly hair, and the DevaChan salon retrains her each year. For a stylist that is intent on embracing her clients’ natural beauty, look no further.



As a second-generation hair stylist, Jason Stiller grew up in the industry. His father owned a salon in Fargo, North Dakota, which is where Jason got his first job out of cosmetology school. After moving to Minneapolis to continue cultivating his craft in a bigger city, he proceeded to work at three different Avant salons throughout the city. Then, after operating independently at D Richards Salon for seven years, Jason became co-owner of Tres Jolie Salon in Uptown Minneapolis. Though he continued working with his clients throughout that time, nine years spent managing made him even more passionate about what keeps him in the industry — the chance to keep learning and perfecting new services while creating a meaningful and fulfilling salon experience for his clients. By starting this new chapter at TC2, Jason has the chance to expand the scope of his offerings (more hair extensions) while maintaining the level of quality his clients have come to expect from each of his services. By seeking inspiration through nature and his surroundings, his work enhances each of his clients overall look beautifully.

I love men’s cuts and short cuts, edgy or classic the most. I believe that a thorough consultation is the key to a satisfied client. I am excited to meet you.

- Jason



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